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first day of my short vacation

Here I sit on my chair and I have 3 dogs in my lap plus my netbook. Let me tell ya it's not easy to type lol.
My brother and sister in law are on vacation they left last saturday and will be back on wed. We are dog sitting.
These guys are pretty needy if you are sitting they need to be on you.
I love them but sometimes it can get annoying. Especially those days where you are up and down off the chair or couch cus just when they all lay down again you need to get up.
I had all this stuff to say a little while ago, now I am blank.
I am sitting here watching 9 to 5 waiting for Ally McBeal reruns to come on the reelz channel going thru my tumblr dashboard and reading thru my twitter timeline.
aaah gotta love lazy days.
Tags: my life

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