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went to sally beauty supply again... somebody stop me!!!

Next week  I am not working so next week = no money yet I am spending money.
I ended up getting 2 china glaze polishes. I got this IBD treatment for growing nails and there was a nail art brush on sale. I wanted it a week or so ago but it was cheaper today so i got it.
I do not have much money left to my name for the next week yet I am considering just going back to sally's to get 2 more nail polishes.... I seriously have issues.
I also thought about getting a few sinful nail polishes those are much cheaper at 1.99 each at walgreens.
I love OPI but that is getting a tad expensive for nail polish even though i do want a couple of polishes from the new burlesque collection. I want the glitter polishes more so than the regular ones.
the two china glaze ones i want are glitters too.
Seriously I have a problem lol but I guess this is cheaper than my makeup buying right. I need something to obsess on and it's nail polish.
Last night I was dreaming about polish. about which colors i wanted and all that. I even had a theme song to my dream for some reason Journey's Why can't this night go on forever was playing in my dream. I turned my car on to leave to go to the store and pick up my nephew and that was the song that came on the cd player.
My nephew is over today. He's napping now... I think everyone is napping but me.
I am considering polishing my toes today.... BUT I really hate that my right pinky toe is still in band aids due to my slamming it into my foot board monday.
My toenail is pretty much history. I was able to cut it almost all the way down since it was lifting away from my skin/nail bed. I just hope it will grow back. I dont know if I could handle a bald toe. I probably should just take the whole thing off and start the healing process.
 I need to start messing around with my polishes and nail art stuff to figure out what to do with chloee's nails for halloween.
I wanted to do the water marbling but it's hit and miss with the neon colors since they dry faster and generally are thinner than regular polishes. I do have a stencil I can use... I think I mentioned that before. I just wonder how much the stencil would cover her finger cus she's a kid with small nail beds. I know she really wants to use the hot pink though. Hot pink and black are her colors since they match her tights that she's gonna wear.
I need to get my creativity pumpin'.
At least I have this nail art brush that gives a bit more control than the brushes that come with nail art polishes. the brush is shorter and more tapered and easier to control and this brush has a dotting tool on the end of it so I can use that too.
Ok I am gonna stop rambling here. The kid should be up soon. I took a couple pics of him earlier. he was laying ind the dog bed with his pillow and blanket it was cute.
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