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"Is it hard to be an adult?"

This was the question asked to me today (well yesterday since it's well after midnight)
Chloee asked me this today after I picked her up from school and we were sitting at the kitchen table talking and goofing around.
I said well it can be hard. I said that being a kid and being an adult are so different. When you are an adult you have to make decisions and hopefully they are the right ones. That there are more consequences to what you do. Sometimes if you make the wrong choices there are really bad consequences to those actions. Adults are expected to have all the answers.(Believe me I thought my parents knew everything, now that I am an adult I know they didn't and made it up as they went along). I told her being a kid is easier since your main job is school. Even though sometimes dealing with groups of friends can be hard.
I love that she asks me these kinds of things though.
I've told the kids before that I try to be as honest as I can with them. I tell them stuff pretty much like it is. I don't beat around bushes like sometimes parents can.
I was always very straight with my younger cousins about stuff and i know they did and still do respect that from me.
In my opinion just cus they are kids they shouldn't be talked down to. Kids are smarter than their parents think they are sometimes and I understand that.
I just hope I answered her well enough. I did want to put it in terms she could understand she is 8 years old.


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