Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

I was a tad depressed today so I hauled nail polish

click for bigger pic
china glaze depression haul.. I still need some of the colors... on Twitpic

I still want 5 of the holiday china glaze polishes... I may be hitting another sally's tomorrow to see what colors they have there.
I self medicate when I am upset so I am buying nail polish.
I did end up with a double of Mrs Claus since it came in one of the sets they had. So I am debating on who I give that too.

I also broke nails. I was moving the stroller and i thought the part my right hand gripped was like a bar or something that did not move... well it wasn't and when I went to lift it 2 broken nails. it got my ring finger and middle finger. SOOOOO now i am debating on trimming down my other hand and now i need to trim down my pointer finger since it's a tad long compared to all the other nails on my right hand. I am also debating on doing my nails since I have chips from the breaking of the nails in my mani.Just not sure what color I want to do.
Tags: haul, nails, twitter

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