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this week's mani

I may be fixing the marbled nails BUT this was my first try so forgive the mistakes. I had the tape too close on some areas so my whole nail did not get marbled over the white base. the right pointer finger is too sheered out compared to the solid colored fingers. I didn't want to do all 10 with the marble I wanted the marbled nails to be "special"
click for larger pic
not perfect BUT my 1st try 4 water marbling colors I used wr ... on Twitpic

I used china glaze phat santa and jolly holly the white base is china glaze white on white

another note my nails are getting longer even the short right thumb that i ended up cracking again this past week ggrr. I think the nail magic stuff is workin. My nails are hard and growing quickly.

an another other note my nephew has been sick all week so guess what... auntie is now sick. That's what blowing noses and being drooled all over will get ya. Ginny is sick too her nose started running today. Poor kid.
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