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this week's mani

I tried to show some of the dimension here. This orly color reminds me of my beloved sally hansen nail prisims (my fave was/is turquiose opal ) I really loved the sally hansen ones I just wish my color was still around (I actually still have a bottle or two, I just use it sparingly). While I like the color of the sally hansen one better this orly space cadet is reminiscent of it. The base color is a golden olive green instead of the blue of the sally hansen. It has similar flashes of color as my hands move which was why I was attracted to it. I may have to swatch both colors for a comparison pic. It took 4 coats to get opacity which in all honesty was the same for the SH but this orly collection was mondo expensive 10 dollars a pop for the cosmic fx collection. I know the SH was not that expensive. I've heard hard candy has a dupe the color is called beetle. I have not tried it so I cannot confirm this but if you cannot find this collection or just do not wanna spend 10 bucks on polish get that one. I got it at ulta they had a lot of the cosmic fx polishes left and I had been lemming this one since I saw it at sally beauty supply months ago but did not get before it was off the shelves (it was cheaper at sally's).

click for bigger pic
mani orly space cadet and opi glow up already on Twitpic
Orly Space Cadet and OPI Glow Up Already on ring finger(over 2 thin coats of space cadet).
I wanted to do something a little matchy... I see more purplely flashes I should have used show it and glow it from OPI as my glitter color BUT GUA does have some different colored glitter in it besides just the green. it has purple and orange and blue & gold mixed in but green is the primary color.

I used nail magic as a base. Sherrani tufcoat plus topcoat and i used european secrets never chip over the glitter. I love this stuff I just cannot find it anywhere.
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