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this weeks mani

Ok I am finally past my 8 weeks using nail magic as my base. I have't put it on twice a week every week but for the most part i did and just missed a week or two. My nails are super strong. Granted I have a couple patches on a few nails BUT the nails that are not patched wow super strong. I shaped my pointer fingers and took a teeny bit of length off some nails yesterday (I wanted them to match more in length and be more uniform). I broke my thumbnail NYE so now that will have to grow out. But when shaping my nails i could tell how much stronger they were without nail polish. I need to take a picture of my nails without polish so you can see how my natural nails look.

OK... now onto the picture of the mani
click for bigger pic
this weeks mani OPI Take The Stage and Extra-va-vaganza on Twitpic
OPI Take The Stage and Extra-va-vaganza

this week I wanted to do a matchy glitter and polish color... after I did my nails I thought maybe I should have used simmer and shimmer the blue glitter but I kinda like the matchy matchyness.

I also gave myself a pedi this week the color on my toes that I used is China Glaze tuned up turquoise with fairy dust over it and on my big toes i used sally hansen extreme wear - in the spotlight I need to take a pic of the pedi the pic i did take before was before the edges were cleaned up. I don't really want to post that but I may if I get lazy and don't take another pic.
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