Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

this weeks mani

I wanted to use a couple older polishes that i have and love. I used Sallly Hansen's magical nail makeup. I forget what year these came out. they were holographic and i wish i bought backups.
I only got the blue and the purple ones. I do have another holo it's OPI's sanderella. I know china glaze is coming out with a holo collection next month or so so I will be buying those and getting back ups of fave colors.
click for bigger pic
this weeks mani  Sally Hansen magical nail makeup purple poti... on Twitpic

i used nail magic for my base and sherrani tufcoat plus for my topcoat and I did a coat of european secrets never chip which is a topcoat for the topcoat that i love but cannot find anywhere to buy.
I have been having great luck keeping polish on for at least 7 days with minor tipwear and very minimal chips. I do try and refresh topcoat halfway thru the 7 days. but i don't keep applying topcoat like some people every day or so. I like to be more laid back about maintaining polish.

I have to run wanted to post this really quick I am at my bro and SIL's watching the kids. ttyl folks
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