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this weeks mani

I have been wanting to use this nail polish BUT i had read if you use it to top other colors it looks even better sooo this week instead of using it on it's own I used barielle's elle's spell over black and china glaze's phat santa. Elle's spell on it's own is a raspberry color that looks much deeper an vampier in the bottle with flakies in it. the flakies shine yellow red and green depending on how the light hits it.
I got a very lubu heels kinda vibe from it over the black but instead of just shining red it shines all different colors in the light. over phat santa it does remind me of opi's ali's big break but instead of just having a gold shimmer it shines all different colors depending on how the light is hitting it and the position of my finger. This time I wanted to try it with cream bases instead of using a shimmer polish under... next time I may use something with more shimmer. I've read it works really well over purple polishes.
click the pics for larger image as usual
this weeks mani barielle elle's spell over black and chi... on Twitpic

topcoat i used was seche vite and i used european secrets never chip

semi naked nails I have my base coat of nail magic on
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