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my first konad manicure

I bought a konad stamper and some plates
click pic for a bigger image
first konad mani  on Twitpic

I used China Glaze Grape Juice as a main color and I used Sally Hansen chrome nail makeup in titanium chrome for the stamped design.
as usual I used nail magic for my base coat and I used seche vite for my topcoat.
It's not 100% but there is a learning curve. I did get a couple cheapy polishes that do stamp. So I plan to do more stamping manis

image plates I got
konad haul on Twitpic

this the kit i got plus the double sided stamper I heard the double sided one was good to have around
i got the m 21 plate (not pictured) but here is the other stu... on Twitpic
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