Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

hey ya'll
I know I have not updated in awhile. I've been busy. I haven't even posted my manicures here in a bit... I do have them on my twitpic and post them on twitter if ya'll follow me.

My birthday is sunday. I cannot believe I am going to be 35. Time fucking flies huh.

I have gotten quite a few presents from one special person. He got me 13 nail polishes and a wall mounted nail polish rack (that was unfortunately damaged in shipping) and my beauty and the beast dvd. I have been truly spoiled. I will probably not really get anything else for my birthday so spoiling me was awesome.
Sunday I need get up early anyway cus the nail polish i have been waiting for will finally be on sale at my ulta. sad and pathetic but with the shatter/crackle craze ya need to get up early to pick up a bottle of the new stuff out.I will be getting a bottle of silver shatter if i have to knock down old ladies to get it.
other than that my weekend is pretty low key.
I have no idea if we are even doing anything for mother's day with my Ma. she didn't say anything so I assume she and my dad are going to the casino or something.

other than that my life has been busy with kids and all that. I've been getting home late and all I want to do by the time I do get home is relax and watch tv. Damn have i gotten boring in my old age lol

I hope you all have great weekends and mother's days (for you mom's out there)
Tags: my life

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