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ok i have been wandering around some different Marie-Antoinette communities here on LJ.
I'm reading a book about her actually (i need to stop slacking and finish it but i seem to spend a whole bunch of my time making icons recently). But in almost every community they always have the "let them eat cake" quote. MA never said that. Louis XIV's wife isabella (i think that was her name) had said something along the lines of "let them eat cake". at the time they were trying to get france riled up for the revolution most of what they said was all a bunch of lies and rumors anyway. I know that lies and rumors become "fact" to some people but damn, it just annoys me cus even in the MA movie it does touch on that MA never said let them eat cake.
I wish they could have put more of the good she did in the movie. On MA and Louis' wedding day there was a horrible carriage accident where people were killed MA and Louis donated their allowance for a year for the people who lost family members. She also adopted some of the local peasant children and had them taught with her children and paid for their expenses. She had fund raisers for all kinds of charitable causes, and gave to the less fortunate people. Yes she might have had extravagances in her youth.. she was queen at 19 what 19 year old is that responsible?? but MA actually spent less than Louis' aunts and his brother and sister in law and even Louis himself(since he was helping fund the american revolution).
Ok i realize i am reading a book that is more sympathetic towards MA but Antonia Fraser is known for doing her homework on a subject. While yes i realize it was the 18th century but stuff was recorded.

oh yea another thing that bugs me is that people say MA could have done more for the people of france... well at that time women had no power. If Louis died MA would never have had the throne. if she had no children her brother in law would have been king. Women had no power MA was powerless when it came to ruling France. Queens were there to give their kings heir's, that was pretty much their job.

I will be getting a couple more books about MA and a few about Henry VIII and his reign in England after christmas. I already have a book about Henry's 6 wives and a book about Anne Boleyn that i need to read.i LOVE reading about history.

*stepping off my soapbox now*
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