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Fat Girl Magazine, The Fat Girl Manifesto

this is completely stolen from intuition2rock2 from her repost lol so it's a post of a repost... ok i am in kind of a strange mood this afternoon lol

Introducing a new online zine. Fat Girl Magazine. Be sure to give the love and support it deserves!

The Fat Girl Manifesto

I, ______________________, from this day forward, will proudly proclaim myself as a Fat Girl and accept all the honors and accolades associated with said proclamation everlastingly. I vow from this day forward to abide by the laws mandated by this manifesto and solemnly swear to never revert to my ways as a fat-fearing woman and from this day, and every day hereafter, to praise myself for my intelligence, strength, spirit and perseverance.

Article I

I vow to never be afraid to use the word fat, for it can never be an insult unless it is imbued with hatred. Words are only as powerful as the emotions you put into them and I vow to put only love and pride into my use of the word.

Article II

I vow to stop looking in the mirror for the "thin girl inside"; I will not suck in my stomach; I will not squeeze portions of my skin to see how they would look if they were smaller; I will not cry and mentally flog myself when I try on clothes that are ill-fitting and I will naturally assume that they are just ugly clothes and not that I am too fat to pull them off.

Article III

I vow to meet every instance in which a booth is too tight, a seat is too small and a seatbelt too short with the realization that the world is too small for me and is in desperate need to catch up.

Article IV

I vow to stop turning away romantic involvement or intimacy due to fear that he or she will think I’m too fat; I will be sure he or she knew what I looked like when he or she met me and he or she has continued to date me because it is not an issue with him or her.

Amendment (A)

If said gentleman or woman turns out to be a dick that deems me worthy enough to sleep with but not enough to be seen in public with, I vow to dump his or her ass post haste and spend about as much time thinking of him or her as it takes to finish off some Ben & Jerry’s.

Article V

I vow to not let people insult my intelligence or my work ethic simply because of my size; I will speak up when I feel I am not being taken seriously and I will take action against employers, store proprietors, etc. who discriminate against me for my size.

Article VI

I vow to stop going on diets from this day forth because diets do not work and cause more harm than good; I will not let doctors browbeat me about my weight or try to push diet products on me; I will start treat my body (or continue to treat my body) with respect and not subscribe to the belief that I shouldn’t eat what I enjoy.

Article VII

I vow to become intimate with my own body, to get to know every curve, dimple and bulge and come to love, appreciate and respect it as my own; I understand that I cannot claim to love myself completely while not accepting the subtleties that comprise me.

Article VIII

I vow to wake up each morning and say thanks to God (or other entity I believe in) for my amplitude and all that it has brought me, the sweet and the sour, and I vow to reaffirm to myself that what does not kill me ultimately makes me stronger.

I hereby vow henceforth that I will uphold the articles of this manifesto to the best of my ability; I will support my fellow fat womyn as they venture out on this journey alongside me and I will nurture the bond between us all forever.


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