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Writer's Block: I'm Taking It With Me

If you lived on a deserted island and could only have one photograph, which one would it be?

it would probably be a pic of my family. my whole extended family (my mom side anyway they are who i am closest to, she has 5 sisters and 1 brother. There are 22 of us cousins). I think my family is wonderful. we are a loud crazy bunch I have lots of cousins and whenever there is a family gathering it's always packed with people loud and crazy. Kids jumping around being insane. Adults laughing and talking to everyone. It's really hard to find a quiet corner but generally when we are all together who wants to be in the quiet corner.
Now that some of us older cousins have dogs everyone brings their pets so it's animals running around chasing each other and even THEY have a good time.
Whenever we have adopted people into our family and invite them to our gatherings they really look forward to coming back to another one.
Thanksgiving is our family holiday. The one time of year we are all together and it's so much fun. Usually about 50 people for dinner so we have a ton of food. After dinner we sit and play games generally everyone sticks around long enough to eat dinner all over again later that night.
Friday the ladies and girls that are old enough (you have to be at least 13 years old to go shoppin with the mom's and older cousins) get up at the buttcrack of dawn and go shopping.
Saturday we have another get together we make buffalo wings.
This past year we made 130lbs of wings that is another fun party everyone hanging out laughing and goofing around. Playing games and the alcohol is usually flowing pretty generously.
My dad and my uncle man the deep fryers in the garage and fry up the wings my mom and my aunt are in the kitchen putting the fried wings in the sauce they make. Then my mom makes her famous potato salad that everyone in the family LOOVES (except a few of us, I'm not a fan lol).

So yea I would have to bring a pic of my family just to be reminded of all the crazy memories I have with everyone. Dancing with my cousin Abbie, we do our routine we made up years ago and have taught all the other girls to do lol. Or when my cousin Samantha and I used to put on Twist and Shout by The Beatles and jump on my bed singing at the top of our lungs.The makeovers I give the girls. All the girls want me to play with my makeup on them. There is just too much to list but I think you get the picture.
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