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Ugh and another season of american idol...

ok i used to watch this show. UNTIL i found out that they turn away good singers in order to make fun of the morons that get thru to randy,paula and simon.
How is that fair to people who are actually good?
I went to chili's a couple years ago for my birthday with some family and our waitress sang happy birthday OMG she was fabulous absolutely fantastic so i said wow you should be on american idol she said she had gone and tried out but was turned away. She never even got to see randy, paula and simon. SOOO if the audition process is THAT extensive why are all these morons with a pencil up their nose and a kazoo getting thru all the way? then simon bitches that there is NO talent in certain cities. UUUM well when you turn away GOOD people for the idiots well yea i guess it would seem there is no one good in that city huh.

Tags: my life, pet peeves

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