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Spaghetti sauce recipe

ok i found it i knew i had it typed out somewhere on this computer lol
If you don't like meat this is probably not for you lol

3  28 oz cans of tomato puree
3 28 oz cans of tomato sauce
1 package of fresh sliced mushrooms or 4 cans of sliced mushrooms
1 lb ground meat
1 package of italian sausage (hot or mild or sweet whichever u choose, I've been using sweet lately)
1 package of pork neckbones
1 package of frozen green pepper (already chopped)
1 package of frozen onion (already chopped)
 ok that  is all that I actually know how much of stuff that I put in the rest of it is all to taste
crushed red pepper, creole seasoning, or mrs dash's hot and spicy
minced garlic
olive oil
bay leaves
grated pamisian cheese

I start out with pouring a bit of olive oil in a BIG pot(the bigger the pot the better probably). Heat the oil then put some garlic in maybe a teaspoon of garlic (you can always add more) cook the garlic a bit then start pouring the sauce and puree in I usually put one of each alternating make sure u do NOT fill the pot to the top  since u will need room for the meat. I usually start with just putting the onion green pepper and mushrooms in with cut up italian sausage (don’t cook it first) and the neckbones (raw also). Make sure the flame is up high enough to cook the meat but not burn the bottom of the sauce (stir often)  I cook the sauce like this for at least 4 hrs (this is why this sauce takes me two days to make lol)

Now onto the next part….i add a bay leaf or two, some more garlic, the oregano and basil I usually just cover the top of the sauce (not too much garlic though) and mix it in. Add some of the cheese. Brown the ground beef, drain and add it.
Add some of the red pepper (I know I like it a little spicy not too much or I use creole seasoning (which we always have at my house) I usually let this simmer for about 5 or 6 hrs (see this is why I split up cooking the sauce for 2 days) you can continue to add spices if u feel it needs it.  But don't overpower the sauce.
And just fyi for ya'll who don't like meat, the sauce will not turn out the same without the meat, but I am sure u could try it. I know for myself and how we like it here it doesn't turn out the same the meat gives it A LOT of flavor.

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