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Happy Leap Day

ok haven't written much lately cus i haven't had much to say really.
things are ok at home. started reading the six wives of henry VIII so far it's really good granted i am only about a hundred pages in.
I've tanned a couple times this week. I need to get back in a groove and stop being mopey cus i still have no job.
Yesterday was my cousin abbie's birthday she's 6 years younger than me. Right now she's still in school for fashion but she's thinking of changing that to going to school to help kids with special needs. She goes to NIU along with her brother and another cousin of ours. When they had that shooting a couple weeks ago we were all worried til we heard that they were accounted for.

I've been watching lots of Big Brother since it's the first winter season ever. I kinda like one person but i am not a huge fan of the whole couples theme since i generally like one part of the couple and hate the other and right now they are being evicted in pairs so i am happy when one person goes but sad that the other person goes too. damn you cbs.

But i hope everyone has a great extra day this year!! we won't have another one for 4 years so make it count.
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