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Ok so nothing is going on in my life really but ......
My mom told me some news about her father he's been estranged from the family for a very long time. There was lots of drama after my grandma died when i was 3 and he shacked up with this other woman(who was a friend of the family and was probably having an affair with my grandpa b4 my grandma died) who is probably the wickedest woman on the face of the earth.
I guess she's got cancer and dying. My grandpa will have to be taken care of he's got macular degeneration and pretty much cannot see.
I know for a fact my mother and a few of her sisters will NOT be taking care of him after his "wife" dies.(not sure if they were actually married or not no one was at said wedding and no one has ever seen papers on it but that is also part of the drama)

My grandfather has really not been a part of my life at all. i saw him all the time b4 my grandma died he had lived about 2 blocks away til maybe 10 years ago when he sold the house and moved to florida. After my grandma died and this woman fucked up our family i saw less and less of him he made no effort to see me, my brother and any of my other cousins. He was invited to a few things he came to my communion and gave me my grandma's rosary. His "wife" called me maybe once so i could do her a favor i did her fake nails for something i was probably 15 when that happened.

I know i will probably go to hell for this but honestly I can care less about this woman or my grandpa. He chose this woman over his 7 children and his grandchildren. He still had young kids home at the time too it ended up that those same kids ended up living at my house at different times when they decided they had enough and left my grandpa's house.
When i was young i didn't understand but as the years have gone on i have learned more and more of what he and his "wife" did to my aunts and our family.
I know my mom and aunts do not have many of my grandma's possessions because the wicked witch took all her stuff and got rid of it. Without letting any of them take what they wanted of THEIR mothers. The only thing i have that was hers is her rosary and a lamp that  i have had since i was a little kid that was put in my bedroom possibly even given to me by her i don't know.
there were a few things that surfaced but the bulk of her things were all gone.
This woman would bug the phone to the house when my aunts lived there cus they would call my mom and tell her stuff that was going on and how they were treated.
My brother and i were at the house during one fight that my aunt took us down the street to the neighbors house to call my mother to come get all of us cus my grandpa was screaming at the door of the neighbors house to get my aunt to come home. I mean stuff happened and it wasn't good. I still do not know everything that had happened, My mother doesn't even know EVERYTHING that happened only my aunts who lived in the house know exactly what went on there.

The sad thing about this is my grandpa has 22 grandchildren 1 great grandson and another great grandchild on the way. He wouldn't be able to pick out any of us in a lineup. He knows nothing of our lives. I don't even think he knows that my brother got married.
But he has made his bed i guess.
I only have one grandfather He lives in arizona that's who I think of when i say the word grandpa.
I probably wouldn't have written about this but this was the topic of convo between me and my mom at dinner yesterday.
She said yes he is her father but he made his choice and she has had NOTHING to do with him since this bitch started causing drama. (she would write these horrible letters to my aunts and my mom, then when my mom cut ties she would just send to certain aunts and they of course would rally together and read these letters and be pissed off all over again)
Having this happen made my mom and her sisters and our family pretty close. our family is very close which is good and who knows if it would be like this if nothing would have happened I mean i would love to see how life would be liked if my Grandma hadn't died. I would have loved to know her better. Both my grandma's died when i was fairly young my dad's mom died when i was 14. I would love to have known them as an adult and gotten to know them.

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