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kinda plugging myself lol but I was shocked...

Ok so here i was all the houseguests on Big Brother tucked in and i am still awake i was bored and decided to google my SN. Since i have used this SN for a long time wanted to see all the places my name turned up.
I saw that my name was on a Crazy James fanpage on myspace. I had friended the page cus it's a fan page for James who is my fave Big Brother Houseguest... I am really one for picking the underdog as my fave. James has been voted out brought back in and the rest of the players have made it their mission to try and get this kid out of the house yet he is still there... GO JAMES!!

I open the myspace page and it's LOADED with the icons that i have made so far this season as well as a few banners i made for use over at Joker's Updates. I am just all kinds of flattered that someone would like what i've made to use on their own page.
I know it's nothing fancy and half the time i end up hating what I make lol so it's nice to see that others like it.
I had wondered why so many of my big brother icon posts had been frequented lately... this explains that lol

I just wanted to share my excitedness (ok it's not a word but it's how i feel right now lol) over seeing that.

I guess even one of James' friends  said that I actually made James look good in the stuff i've made lol so that made me feel good too.
OK yes i am a HUGE dork, i  may be almost 32 years old but this kinda stuff makes me giddy like a little kid.
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