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Writer's Block: Outta My Way!

Have you ever experienced road rage?

LMAO maybe you should ask my younger cousins who have driven with me if i have lol

I can't stand people who do not follow rules of the road let alone people who go UNDER the posted speed limit. if you are doing 20 mph in a 30mph zone it annoys the crap outta me. people who do not use signals or ones that do not know how to do a stop sign who think that if they slightly pause when they get up to it when i've been stopped to let another person go and then they decide that since they've paused ever so slightly to go and almost hit me (this happens around my house all the time, i was almost taken out 3 mornings in a row by the same person who when i stopped at the stop sign was not there and they decided to skip the sign and keep going)

as you can see i do have some road rage issues lol but it just annoys the crap outta me. I was worried about getting my license obviously i had NOTHING to worry about since it seems they hand them out as cracker jack prizes.
ugh i hate people


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Apr. 19th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
Oh lately I've had no patience with drivers around here and their stupidity.

I can't stand it when I'm driving and have the right of way and people 1) don't look at me or 2) try to right their own rules of the road where they always have the right of way.

I also hate getting out of the parking lot where my Starbucks is if I'm not closing. Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes to get out and I'm getting kind of tired of that.
Apr. 19th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
oh yea i hate when people dont look at me when i have the right of way. i get that quite a bit too.
i mean i am not a bitchy driver i let people in and crap but i feel that my niceness is never reciprocated. I don't get the wave from someone i just let in or if i am at the stop sign and decide that even though i was there first let the other person go ahead of me.
but it's seriously when i am driving that i find i hate people the most cus most drivers are complete assholes
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