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Writer's Block: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

What are your neighbors like?

I live in a cul de sac and most of the neighbors i have known most of my life. There are some interesting ones. There is this one family towards the end of the block that would harass the boys that lived here. They had been known to turn the hose on a few of the kids around here as they rode past on their bikes. It was mainly a mother-daughter team that we called the gruesome twosome. They were always the nosiest people. the mother has Alzheimer's so it's just the daughter taking care of her parents. but she can tell you all the license plate numbers for everyone who lives here and even knows my and my two brother's birthdates.

Recently we had a polish family move in (last year) it's a dad his son and his wife they just had a baby. The dad must be a landscaper cus he is obsessed with bushes and rocks. there are now like 75 bushes lining the driveway and the neighbors driveway and all the way down the property along the fence. I haven't counted all the rocks but they are everywhere lol one false move going down the driveway and you will take out a tire.

We have another couple that moved in when i was in high school they are called the hippies my brother's started that cus the man had a push mower instead of regular lawn mower. They seem to be very nice people.

Let me just say there are nicknames for people in our circle lol some of the neighbors with our fave nicknames have moved away. the nazi lived in the house that the polish people moved into. the nazi got his name cus well he was mean. he'd call the cops on us all the time. never answered the door on halloween to hand out candy. not very ice people.

next door on the left is people who have lived here for a very long time they've lived here for about 30 years. My parents call them the wife beaters. I guess he used to beat his wife i don't remember that i was little when they moved in and i used to play with the younger son since he was only a month older than me.

Then there is joy who lives next to them. Joy moved in probably 20 years ago with her husband and at that time 2 small sons. of course the boys ended up close with my brothers as they were around each other's ages. while living there they had another son. there is lots of drama and dirty laundry i could air cus i know it all but i won't. all 3 boys have since went to fla where their dad lives now.

On the other side of us (they don't have nicknames lol) they have been here for uum maybe 40 years they are a pain in the ass at times. been known to bitch about things on our property.
my dad has a trailer on your patio right now cus my brother and his girlfriends stuff is in it they keep asking how long its going to be on the patio. not that it's their business because well its on OUR patio. It wasn't meant to stay there all winter but we had a lot of snow and with all the snow there was no way to move it yet get it to the spot it's stored downstate (since they had even more snow down there and u'd never be able to get it thru all the snow)

then there is Violet's house Violet passed away in the fall her brother who has lived there with her forever is still there. He goes over to George's house and gets drunk on occasion lol

George is a very nice man his wife passed away a few years ago I really liked her she was very sweet and when she got online we'd chat on aol. they have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy (had a crush on him a bit when i was young lol) He's a quiet guy now that he's home alone. Asks my dad for help on occasion for something if it's too heavy for him to do.

We also have a house that we call the taxicabs cus they run a cab company or something there are always cabs in and out. Don't know them though. They don't take care of the house all that much the front lawn always looks like crap with weeds and overgrowth.

We have the nurse, she lives with her life partner don't know her very well either. she's been there for quite a few years after donna and her kids moved out a few years after her husband killed himself.

Then there are the brothers they each have a house across the street from each other. They are all very nice.

Then both corner neighbors have been there forever. the one on the left they have a band and practice once a week that's pretty cool. I've known them all my life nice people.
the other corner i don't think we've ever talked to.
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