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wanted to update you on my faker sitch *custom group post*

I was asked by the one girl who is going to bust  "danny/bade" out to kinda go along with it for awhile. She's supposed to be going there to bust her out on may 15th.
Supposedly "danny" is shipping out to iraq on may 10th. but i have gotten no military address for him I got an address but not anything even ON a base i mean c'mon i am not this stupid. All this crap that is being said right now i sit and roll my eyes cus i know it's bullshit.
I have actually started to have fun with this a little bit. started planning out what i am going to say just to see what kind of reaction i get.
It's sick yes but this idiot thinks i am buying all this bullshit shes feeding me.
I of course compared the address "danny" gave me and it of course matches "bade's" I just do not understand what makes someone do this shit.
What makes a person so pathetic to lie to women. Cus this is what she does. She finds a fat chick and gets her to buy all the bullshit she's feeding them.
If i wasn't the person that i am i would probably have fell for much more of it. thank god i have some knowledge of military guys, i've known quite a few. "danny" had sucked another girl in recently too. We did try warning this chick but she thought we were the liars and drama starters (also gave her links to check out) not sure if "danny' is still talking t her but "he" supposedly loves me now lol  i just really hope that this other girl isn't buying into "his" shit though.
I just hope she checked out thelinks and maybe figured out that he is a big fucking liar. and it's not even a fucking he it's a goddamned CHICK pretending to be a fucking guy.
She had already told "danny" that somene had claimed he was not who he claimed he was so me and his other girlfriend are kinda playing it cool at the moment. BUT when it comes time for "danny" to ship out i am thinking i will be sending her the links to he faker ljer communities for her to join so she can see all the links with all the fake LJ accounts "danny" has. it's unfuckingbelieveable there are 8 that we have found so far.

here are "danny's" accounts

here are the rest we found this is Carissa who "danny/bade" actually is  was busted for being fake on this journal

as of aug 2008 there is a new journal
there is also a new photobucket account  this one coincides with one of her myspace accounts that was going "danny's" email so der ya know they are the same person I think this one went to the email address. The myspace claims that "david" lives in england the LJ says the united states. UNLESS the myspace has been changed

communities she started

photobuckets for "danny" the DMK folder is "danny's But somehow Carissa shares the same account hhmm just started this one so no other pics are there yet (carissa's pics ended up here also hhm odd isn't it) carissa's new photobucket account and again "danny" and "keagan's" pics are there along with hers hhm

"david's" photobucket account

Instant messengers for "danny"
youcanthavenone9 on aim
romeo78664 on yahoo
the newest on aim was somekryptonite though(still being used *as of aug '08*, i am sure she's ditched the others)

Myspace accounts (this one is the same character as on this LJ daddy_of_three)
set to private of course.

oh you are gonna love this "danny's" new salute to "prove" "he's" real on "his" new LJ forget honor forget_honor

and the pic it was taken from

whomever's pics are being stolen this guy is HOT, i'd like to be the one telling him his shit is being stolen though. I just wish i knew who he was.
I think his name really is Daniel Hagenbuch that was the name i got with "danny's" address and that is the last name that is on the cammies in the guy who's pics are being stolens pic. so if anyone knows this guy give him a heads up that his shit is being stolen and used by some bitch who is claiming she's him.
I am really thinking of doing a search on myspace for this dude just so i can give him the links to the LJ's to bust this bitch out. I think that would be fucking fabulous. I just wanted to see if the last name she gave me on an address would be the one that matched the dude's cammies. So at least she's smart enough to do that. BUT this bitch is supposed to live on a military base but i didn't get a military address for this bitch. I mean i used to be penpals with guys in the navy that were overseas and I have gotten MANY letters from close friends in the military. Even when my friends lived off base in a house i still got their military address so if they were shipped out or whatever their mail always followed them. It may have taken longer but it always got to them. Supposedly "danny" won't find out the address for his "deployment" tl he gets there.
oh yea "danny" is bringing "his" cellphone with him to iraq now as far as i know a sidekick isn't gonna be working overseas. NOW a satililite phone would work BUT the military generally does not want you bringing stuff like that with ya. Even my navy friend when he was sent to iraq  soon after 9/11 he had to pack up his computer and he was gonna see if he could try bringing it but he didn't think it would happen. and it didn't. not sure if shit has changed a tad though.

edited to add a couple new links.
I added IM info to this post as well.

*updated again Aug 26,2008*
Tags: fake ljers, my life

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