Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

highly amused right now

ok talked to "danny" online started Dirty IMing lol  got called at like 9:30 with "him" all worked up i am thinking she didn't fake it this time either lol (but i did, i should be an actress)

but ok onto the interesting stuff
"danny" went on a raid today ended up getting shot in the helmet which saved "his" life but there is now a hole in the helmet.
had to kill lots of people. earlier today when we were Iming there was  problem and "he" had to go for awhile cus there was a carload of people that were suspicious that led him into a trap and he had to shoot people and grenade other things esp this kick ass lookin car.
i have to say been in "iraq" for just a couple days and she's been stabbed and now been shot in the head but the helmet saved her.
she's been a busy girl
oh yea she was on duty in a lookout tower but i heard either a tv or her playing a game when she first called i am leaning towards the tv since she was horny  then she was playing a game then she was falling asleep on me so i let her go lol
i am sure she called you alicia or maybe even you christi lol
Tags: fake ljers

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