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well as i posted about I did the 3 way call thing with christi on the line.
I am not doubting that i'll probably not hear from Carissa jcgavememusic er "danny"harry2urginny forget_honor again not that it's a bad thing. the ONLY bad thing is that i know that I can't stop this from happening ever again. That's the part that sticks in my craw and pisses me off. NO ONE deserves to have this done to them.
At least i've gained a few new friends. I mean we have something that kinda bonds us together that not many people (ok not many people we KNOW about or have come forward) have.
I am not proud to admit that i was played at least for a couple weeks. But i turned into the player which I don't like that i lied.
I do not like to lie. I don't believe in lying and it really was starting to really really bother me.
this is really humiliating.
I just wish i understood WHY this was done to me. what about me said "hey i am an easy target". I may have seemed like an easy target but there is one thing that people who know me do know about is you don't cross me. I am not one to be trifled with.
I just wish i could have helped stop this for good, that is the part that really gets to me. I wish i understood why she does this what need in her gets fulfilled by fucking with women.
 I don't like to see people hurt or hurting and shit like this really destroys someone.
Something like this hasn't happened to me b4 but it's shit like this that made me the jaded untrusting bitch that i can be. I have been hurt by peoples lies b4 many times nothing to the extent this bitch is going but it's happened. I am the first person to admit that
for those of you so confused by this please check out the posts http://anya1976.livejournal.com/tag/fake+ljers

for those who think they know someone who has been faking join these communities.
fake_ljers (this one is easier to get approved for)
I am a firm believer in karma and she will get hers someday,granted that doesn't make me feel much better now. I wish i could have been there to ask her why myself but alas i live in chicago.BUT hopefully one day this will be done to her and she knows exactly how it feels

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