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Writer's Block: Clumsiest moment

What's your most embarrassing memory?

I have a few mostly where i have fallen or something in public.
the worst one was i was at a funeral for a great aunt. i was walking behind my dad up the sidewalk from the parking lot. I looked nice black skirt purple blouse my kick ass black strappy sandal platform heels well the sidewalk dipped for a handicap access i didn't see it cus like i said i was walking behind my dad and i went down.In front of everyone as they were waiting for the casket to arrive at church.
I dont know that side of the family all that well my grandma had like 13 brother's and sisters i've only met lots of cousins and stuff a couple of times when i was very small.
BUT i will forever be known as the girl that wiped out at the funeral. Everyone at the luncheon kept saying how sorry they were that i fell.
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