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Happy easter

I hope everyone is having a good easter.
I myself am sitting at home right now we are having dinner around 3pm I'm starving, i haven't eaten much all day.
tomorrow i am heading off to MAC again, i am getting my 187 brush and i am doing a cp for someone i swapping with, i am getting the peacocky glitter liner for the peacocked softsparkle liner. and i might pick up the mouthwatering lipgloss i have been hemming and hawing about it since its so sheer i am sure it's like other glosses i own.
I am also gonna get myself the iris accent pencil i have quite a few purple shadows so i might as well have a glittery purple liner ;)

i really have to start saving up for my brother's wedding i only have a certain amount of time to save for that since he's getting married in august. I am sure if idon't have it all my parents will be cool about it and let me pay them what i owe them but i do really need to start saving.
Ok i am done babbling for now, i am trying to upload a bunch of new pics i took of mystash last night and the stupid thing is not workingso i might have to do it one pic at a time (which i don't want to do)
ttyl all
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