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Writer's Block: Irksome Films

Talk about the movie that you love to hate the most, and why.

that would have to be Killer Clowns from Outer Space.
Growing up this was my brothers fave movie he taped it and would watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY. of course this was when every room didn't have a tv lol so if someone was watching tv in the kitchen we had to suffer with whatever someone was watching in the living room. Finally i got sick of this stupid ass movie and taped over it. that was a beautiful day lol
I have been tempted to buy it on dvd for him now that he's married and has his own house he can watch it and annoy my SIL lol

but honestly there are a TON of movies that i hate mostly they end up movies my dad watches over and over again... we usually call them "daddy movies" if something is bad you know he's gonna like it so if someone asks about a movie you watched and it was bad and it sucked you say well it was a "daddy movie" lol and they understand how bad it was lol
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