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ok during the week i hardly ever have my hair down so that in itself was enough for me to do my makeup lol

I was playing with the pigment mix i have and i thought i would try sea me as a base next time i am going to try lucky jade to see how different it looks.

MAC sea me shadestick on lid and just above crease
MAC Carbon on outter crease and outer lid blended into sea me
MAC Mixed pigments Teal & lovely lily over sea me and carbon and blended above crease
MAC Surreal e/s blended under browbone into the pigments
MAC golden lemon inner lid
MAC so there jade under lower lashes
MAC jadeye f/l on lashline (can barely see it though)
Maybelline expert eyes eyeliner - velvet black on inner lower rims

Px lash builder
Px Lash envy
Max factor lash perfection wp on lower lashes

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC studiomist light medium
MAC studiofix Fluid NW20
MAC blot loose medim/dark mixed with a tiny bit of ben nye neutral set

Bonnie Bell powder bronze golden tan to contour
Estee Lauder blush all day -desert on cheeks

MAC lip gelee Who's that lady

Click image for bigger pics

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