Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

a bit of news....

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ok remember how i said i wish i knew who carissa jcgavememusic was stealing pics from for "danny's" LJ's forget_honor harry2urginny and her LJ?
well i had a bit of information dropped into my lap
the source of the pictures
I hope she gets her lies shoved up her ass now that the source of the pics has been found out.
I have been blanketing LJ faker sites with information about carissa and her lies.
she really needs to learn that she can't lie to people and they will just forget about it and it won't come back to bite her in the ass.
I am not one to roll over and let things go. I know this won't stop her. BUT i will do my damnedest to make it harder for her to get away with.
i've posted on
fake_ljers   HERE is the post (pretty much the same on all of these sites)

I have copies of threads carissa and "danny" posted containing pics of that person's pics they have on their myspace

if these are inactive please let me know i can reupload
Tags: fake ljers, my life

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