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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?
I was just talkin about this with a friend earlier. I was at home. I had come home from my boyfriend's (at the time) house around 7am. It was an hour drive from his place to mine. I went to sleep then I woke up to use the bathroom I am not sure what time it was. I have a radio in my bathroom that goes on when the light is turned on and instead of the usual cheerful morning show/music playing they were talking about an attack on buildings and I was not sure what the hell was going on so of course I turned on the tv. I sat there for hours watching. I kept trying to call my boyfriend who ended up sleeping all day and wondered why i was blowing up his phone all day.... I had to tell him to turn on the news. That night I went to his house and we watched the coverage all night long. It was pretty much the same every day that week. The tv was on and I was watching coverage and if I was driving to his place I had news radio on. That friday there was a memorial thing in downtown chicago and I had to be there so my friend and I went down to that.
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Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

I have a few actually.
Don't Stop Me Now, These are the days of our lives, Good old fashioned lover boy, one year of love, kind of magic,save me,I want to break free, the show must go on, one vision..
Ok i love lots of queen's songs. I love them for different reasons. Mostly the lyrics and how they make me feel when I listen to them.
Happy Birthday Freddie
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an actual update...

It's been so long since I typed one.
I am sitting here at my brother's waiting for the kids to wake up.
This summer has been busy. I mean really busy. I thought i'd have more time to sit around and lay out and stuff. I was completely pale until 4th of july weekend when I got so sunburned it wasnt even funny. I have had a few times to lay out since then so my chest arms and face are pretty tan... my legs eh have a little bit of color.
The kids have been good. Virginia is crawling and believe me she wants to go everywhere now. She's eating more regular food and if you have something you are eating she lets ya know that she wants some too.
Evan is starting the terrible two's. everything is "mine" and he's being more defiant. Testing those boundaries. Even though he's acting out a little he's still a pretty good boy.
Ok now my mind has gone blank. Lack of sleep. I slept like shit last night. kept waking up the chinchillas were making noise but of course THEY were sleeping when I had to get up at 8am. little fuckers.
Hopefully tomorrow I do not have to watch the kids. I'd love to catch up on some sleep. I may be going to a wedding with a friend saturday so I also need time to find what i want to wear.
It's hotter than hell here lately so I also need to figure out what to do with my hair. if it's going to be super hot and humid I want to wear it up but of course I have no bangs so i look like a spinster librarian when I put my hair up... but if it means being cooler I may have to look like that.
Ok I think I will end this here
have a great rest of your week everyone
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REVIEW: LUSH dark angels cleanser

I love this. I have been using a sample i got.
it's like coal face but not in a bar and with black sugar added for exfoliation.
This does not dry my skin like coal face did.
The best way to use it is to use it in the shower on a wet face.
before I get in my shower what i do is pinch off what i will use then put it in a place that doesn't get wet. This cleanser is kinda crumbly so if it crumbles pack it back together. I wet my face then make the dark angels into a paste with a few drops of water then apply it to my face and start scrubbing.
This does not aggrivate my eczema. When i get out of the shower I tone with tea tree water toner which I love.

I have been using lots of lush stuff recently.
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Writer's Block: Revenge of the midnight movie

What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Oh i have a few... Clue and Grease 2 being a couple of them but The Pirate Movie is seriously one of my absolute faves. I LOVED this movie as a kid and I still love it. It was released for a short time on dvd and (here I need to get another copy since I have played mine so much it has scratches it's unavailable) I introduced it to my cousins and they loved it too. I did find the music for the soundtrack online which took a very long time to find.
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hey ya'll
I know I have not updated in awhile. I've been busy. I haven't even posted my manicures here in a bit... I do have them on my twitpic and post them on twitter if ya'll follow me.

My birthday is sunday. I cannot believe I am going to be 35. Time fucking flies huh.

I have gotten quite a few presents from one special person. He got me 13 nail polishes and a wall mounted nail polish rack (that was unfortunately damaged in shipping) and my beauty and the beast dvd. I have been truly spoiled. I will probably not really get anything else for my birthday so spoiling me was awesome.
Sunday I need get up early anyway cus the nail polish i have been waiting for will finally be on sale at my ulta. sad and pathetic but with the shatter/crackle craze ya need to get up early to pick up a bottle of the new stuff out.I will be getting a bottle of silver shatter if i have to knock down old ladies to get it.
other than that my weekend is pretty low key.
I have no idea if we are even doing anything for mother's day with my Ma. she didn't say anything so I assume she and my dad are going to the casino or something.

other than that my life has been busy with kids and all that. I've been getting home late and all I want to do by the time I do get home is relax and watch tv. Damn have i gotten boring in my old age lol

I hope you all have great weekends and mother's days (for you mom's out there)