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Anya's Place

Scribbles from a dangerous mind

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8 May 1976

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I am 36, single (which sucks sometimes but is good others lol), a BBW, which doesn't mean I am desperate cus I am far from that, and a makeup addict. I love makeup. MAC is one of my fave brands. I've actually gone from the makeup addict to nail polish. I also love to tan(which I haven't done for months).
I use the word "dude" excessively, I like to swear, the f-bomb is my fave. I am also in love with "lol" I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh so when I do use it, it means something amuses me somehow.
I have one beautiful chinchilla, Frost, my other furbaby,Milo passed away.

I like to read, listen to music (what I am listening to is below in my last.fm widget), watch movies hang out with friends and family, go see movies. The general things people like to do. I adore makeup and pretty things but what girl doesn't? I am also a bath and body freak I love lotions and creams and body washes that smell good. My current obsession is Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing body wash and body bar now I just need to find a body lotion that smells like that. The moisturizer from that line doesn't smell the same.

This used to be just my makeup journal it has gotten to be something I use almost everyday for everything else not just posting makeup looks... so I may be removing some of my "makeup only" content and adding more and more about me.

I have a MUA(makeupalley for those who don't know) account so check out my profile and swap tokens here Here is a link directly to my Swaplist
I have a list of MAC stuff I own here I keep updating it.
Here is my official MAC wishlist entry, I keep updating that as well. (haven't swapped in AGES but I still have 100% positive tokens on my MUA account)

I also love paint shop pro and photoshop, I make stationary for incredimail and email signature tags(been more obsessed with LJ user icons lately). Gives me a bit of a creative outlet. I've made a bunch of my LJ user icons and I've made banners, tags and avatars for other message boards and sites I am on.
If you want user icons please check out my icon journal icons_ala_anya

My Amazon.com Wish List

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I am a little untrusting at the moment because of my recent LJ faker experience so bear with me. If you want to read about that check out my LJ faker tag or click HERE.
That also means if you friend me and I have never talked to you or you've never commented on my journal that means I may not friend you right away. SOOO if you want to be my friend and for me to add you back plz comment on my journal. I post lots of stupid silly shit I am sure there is something you can comment on somewhere lol.

That is also why I have removed my IM information from my profile. I used to list my SN's if you want to IM me I have a little AIM widget click HERE for that. I also have a yahoo messenger pingbox so you can IM me from there as well click HERE
I am still adamant against having to go friends only since I have many friends who are not on LJ that read my journal.

That being said I did make a salute so people do know that I am real. I have a perm account so why the hell wouldn't I be real? Would someone shell out the cash for a perm account if they were fakin'?? (Also, due to my faker experience I do check full profiles and virtual gifts you've been given, if that freaks ya out sorry but I won't be repeating that whole drama)

If you do not have LJ and do not want to create an account per say but would like to comment. I do allow people not on LJ to comment or if you have an OpenID you can comment with that as well.If ya don't know if you have OpenID find out.

i'm in gryffindor!

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